Designed graphics & paint treatments for nearly $1 billion worth of products from concept to production in four countries for Aldila, the world’s largest manufacturer of Carbon Fiber Golf Shafts.

shafts_Slider560x315Premium global brands included Callaway, Taylor-Made, Nike, Ping, Cobra, Titleist, Ektelon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and many others.

Created and maintained the industry standard for design and product decoration in a highly competitive global market.

Involved in all phases from project assessment and graphic design to process development, prototyping, project management, planning, production trials, creating quality standards, through manufacturing.


Design & printing of golf club shafts and other sporting goods

  • Print directly on small diameter, irregular, tapered cylinders
  • Image quality and durability requirements were as stringent as the automotive industry
  • Had to print on paints formulated to resist adhesion, causing potential durability issues
  • Parts are irregular shapes and sizes, with inconsistency from piece to piece causing difficulty in maintaining print quality
  • Production runs as short as 100 pieces with up to 4-5 color prints, requiring easy changeover
  • Customers were not charged for high complexity or quality standards. Had to minimize cost in every way possible.
  • Processes and equipment were performed by low-skill employees with high rate of turnover.


  • Built art and printing departments from ground up in four countries
  • Researched and implemented decorating processes for optimal appearance, color consistency
  • Researched and implemented ink chemistry, pigments, curing cycles to improve quality, and durability
  • Developed ink formulation / color matching systems and quality and color standards to maintain consistency on product manufactured in 4 countries.
  • Wrote design, printing, prepress procedures and specifications and trained personnel in printing methods.
  • Designed tooling and fixtures for improved throughput and quality including a plastic tool that cost $3 which replaced an inaccurate laser tool. This saved over $100,o00 by reducing rejects for print alignment and allowing faster and more accurate inspection.


  • Equipment and process research, maintenance, setup
  • Tooling and fixture design
  • Process development for specialty printing technologies – screen printing, pad printing, heat transfers, sublimation, etc.
  • Technical writing and training
  • Created manufacturing process and quality specifications
  • Database Development and admin
  • Brand development and marketing
  • Developed and led interdepartmental teams
  • Devised data tools to profile art to irregularly shaped objects


I not only designed graphics for these, but had hands-on printing experience, created fixtures & tooling, and trained others how to print.

  • Golf equipment
  • Racquetball equipment
  • Bicycle Tubes
  • Hockey Sticks and Blades
  • Garments / Apparel: T-shirts, Jackets, Sports Bags, etc.
  • Architectural Signage / Real Estate Sales Displays
  • Notebooks
  • Posters