Project: Café Pacifico            Client: GuitarSounds

Café Pacifco CD Package Image


GuitarSounds had an image they wanted to use, but came back to me for the layout and my expertise in integrating images throughout packaging. The artist had glued beer labels behind the musician.


I digitally removed the beer labels and created a golden sky to match the bright mood of the music and had to repaint areas because of the poor lighting used to photograph the painting. After cleaning it up, I created several variations of the musicians for the other panels, and the CD label, and it came out as their best cover yet.

I had previously developed the GuitarSounds logo and illustrated & designed several other CD’s for them.

(Original painting by Corey Barksdale)


Project 2: Guitar Nova by Erik Wøllo       Client: Spotted Peccary Music

guitar nova cd cover art


For this ambient guitar and electronic album by Norwegian composer Erik Wøllo, I began with a drawing by his 6 year old son, an un-remarkable picture of moss, and a photo of Erik. This is very atmospheric and visual music, and we wanted to reflect it’s organic texture in the elements of the package design. This was a great example of re-imagining simple elements into a variety of interesting styles and framing.

The original elements, and some of my pre-text compositions are shown in the slider below.